In September 2013, Captain Irfan Faiz of PIA was arrested in England, drunk and well over the legal limit of alcohol allowed. He had been trying to fly an Air Bus A-310. At the time of his arrest, MD of PIA, Captain Junaid Younus claimed that Captain Irfan Faiz would not be provided any legal assistance. He also stated that if found guilty the Captain would be terminated. However, after having been found guilty and sentenced, Captain Irfan Faiz is serving time in UK. He was imprisoned for nine months starting November 2013. The assurance given by the MD of PIA seems to have vanished into thin air. It will not come as a shock to see Captain Irfan Faiz joining the national carrier, after completion of his sentence.

Pilots in PIA are akin to spoiled brats, who get a guaranteed 70 hours flying allowance and have taxes on the same (i.e. flying allowance) paid by the cash strapped airline. Even a slight move against their whims would compel them to throw a fit of temper. Their various gimmicks like ‘Way Forward Committee’ etc are nothing but committees to hoodwink the Prime Minister so as to compel him to abandon his plans to privatize PIA.

Captain Irfan Faiz’’s flying license should be suspended and he should be immediately terminated. He is a convict who not only brought shame to Pakistan but also to the national carrier and put the lives of hundreds of passengers at risk. Our PM should take a personal interest in this matter and do this himself!


Karachi, July 7.