Refusal by AGPR to accept the so called bonus came as a whiff of fresh air in an atmosphere polluted by corruption. Iqbal rightly said “Zara num ho to yeh matti bari zerkhez hey saqi,” I must congratulate Mr Gulzar Hasnain Shah to be that drop of ‘num’. The remarks made by a senior bureaucrat, who accused Shah Sahib of looking for fame and goodwill are despicable. Shame on him, I am sure he is corrupt to the core and maybe felt ashamed at such ethics displayed by another?

This country has seen its ‘political elite’ giving themselves large bonuses, while the low paid employees, who really need an increase, get peanuts. This is a democracy where our rulers are playing a game of ‘All for Me.’ If the same amount was given to the poor we may have a peaceful country, an amount of 144.7 million is not a small amount to be wasted!


Lahore, July 7.