Water is prime necessity to live. Unfortunately, Pakistan has been declared a water stressed country. The Association for Water, Applied Education and Renewable Energy (AWARE), a Thar based NGO, has installed solar water pumps in two villages namely, Taluka and Chachro. I have personally visited these villages and talked to the locals. It is quite obvious that the facility is indeed a blessing for them. The villagers themselves have developed a systematic method to smoothly run the facilities. The cost of water is only 20 paisa per litter per household to meet the running cost of these pumps.

Women no longer have to to carry water for long distances. More water is available for household purposes. Families are now growing vegetables to fulfill their own needs. This has eradicated the deficiency of a composite diet. Children’s health has improved and they are now able to fully concentrate on their education. Since the installation of the water pumps, people from all over the area have come to take a look at the facility. They are now demanding that the government should provide solar water pumps in every village. These pumps have provided a relatively cheaper and safe way to addresses several health and socioeconomic issues.


Johi, July 7.