ISLAMABAD (PR): This is with reference to a news item published in “The Nation” on 2nd July, 2014 under the caption “Exports of synthetic textiles, towels, yarn drop despite GSP Plus”. The news report does not take into account that European Union’s GSP Plus arrangement for 2014 onwards became operational on 1st January, 2014; hence, it is not logical to draw comparison of figures from preceding fiscal years i.e., July-March 2012-13 and July-March, 2013-14. The appropriate comparisons would be between exports of Pakistan to EU member states during January - March, 2013 and January- March, 2014. The comparison of first quarter of 2014 with that of 2013 reveals that exports of yam have increased from $24.61 million to $27.69 million thereby registering an increase of $3.08 million at an export growth rate of 12.52pc. It may also be noted that as a result of duty free access in EU since 1st January, 2014 Pakistan’s exports of towels have increased from $45.46 million during January-March 2013 to $55.76 million during the same period in 2014 representing an increase of 23pc. Similarly exports of synthetic textiles have increased from $29.61 million during January- March, 2013 to $40.62 million January-Mach 2014 thereby registering an impressive growth of 38pc. In this context it is important to highlight that exports in the value added segments have rather registered higher increase.