The problems of the people using the Malir Road have become more acute during the month of Ramzan because of the repair work. In the peak hours in the mornings and evenings, the traffic is just stuck there and the delays become taxing. Instead of facilitation in this holy month, the people face untold miseries but no one listens to their appeals. The Malir Road is an important link between the main city and some of the most important industrial areas such as Port Qasim and Landhi. Considerable revenue is generated by these sectors and a good many people are employed by the industries. It is strange then that the maintenance and repairs of the Malir Road are taking so long and the labourers and office workers are suffering. The city administration that is looking after the Malir Road repair work needs to pay attention and find a quick solution to all this suffering. They should at least pay due heed to the sanctity of Ramzan. 


Karachi, June 11.