"If we ever need the bomb, we will buy it off the shelf".

–Field Marshal Ayub Khan 1956.


A rare pic of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and his children with Ayub Khan

Pakistan political development is intrinsically linked to the creation of its nuclear capability. Months after the 1965 war, Munir Ahmad Khan, a nuclear engineer at IAEA's Reactor Division, met with Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto where he notified Bhutto with rapid development of Indian nuclear programme. Bhutto arranged a meeting between Munir Ahmad Khan and Ayub Khan at The Dorchester in London. Khan urged the need of acceleration of nuclear energy programme  while Ayub Khan refused accelerating the programme and said the above quote.

In 1966, Ayub Khan removed Bhutto as his Foreign minister, in a conspiracy planned by Jurist and then-Bhutto's secretary Mushtaq Hussain, and under pressured by the Lyndon Johnson,President of the United States that time. In 1967, Bhutto formed People's Party of Pakistan and tapped a wave of anti-Ayub Khan movement in both West and East Pakistan. Demoralised and pressured, Ayub Khan handed over the regime to his junior Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Army General Yahya Khan in 1969.