BAHAWALPUR-Bahawalpur police during June arrested 786 suspects including 249 wanted accused, busted four gangs and recovered stolen articles worth Rs3,909,280.

During the month, 737 cases were registered in Bahawalpur district and 786 suspects involved in these cases were arrested and challaned, said District Police Officer Akhtar Abbas. However, 18 cases were dismissed as they turned out to be fake, he said. Out of the 8 cases of murder, 13 criminals were arrested and out of 31 cases of robbery, 37 were arrested. In the cases of armed robbery 11 accused were arrested.

In the crackdown on illegal weapons, police registered 49 cases and arrested 49 suspects and recovered 7 rifles, 9 guns, 31 revolvers/pistols, 2 carbines and 180 bullets. In crackdown on drug dealers, 147 cases were registered and 155 suspects involved in these cases were arrested. The police recovered 18.550 kilogrammes of charas, 0.620kg opium, 49.00 kg hashish, 4,946 liter Liquor, 250 liter Lehan.

In action against gambling dens, 20 cases were registered and 95 "criminals" were arrested while in the crackdown against professional criminals 4 gangs involved in street crime and armed robberies were busted.

As many as 19 suspects of Category A and 230 of Category B were arrested and challaned. The DPO said that police crackdown on criminals will continue and no one will be allowed to take law in their hands.