The government of Sindh has imposed a ban on the sale and purchase of toy guns under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code. It is an appreciable initiative since toy guns do not only instill a sense of violence in children but also have been proving to be convenient alternatives for muggers who otherwise cannot afford actual guns for their job. The ban will at least, result in a decrease in theft incidents to some extent. Many markets have been raided and shopkeepers who sold toy guns despite the ban have been imprisoned. 

Even though the ban is beneficial, it has only been imposed for two months. Commissioner of Karachi, Ejaz Ahmed Khan who made the request for the ban, should request again to further prolonging the ban or impose it permanently owing it to the security of the citizens as well as the duty of prevention of children’s indulgence in violent games. It will be a small, yet significant, step towards a safer future. 


Karachi, June 15.