“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are, Pakistan recently has become a victim to the ‘blame culture’, the common man in Pakistan has lots of issues in every day life, rather than solving these issues we like to hold various elements accountable. 

If you ask any ordinary Pakistani on the streets of Karachi, Lahore, Quetta or any other major city or town, why has Pakistan not progressed in the last 69 years, majority of the people would come up with lots of excuses and blame different governments of the past and present. It has become a characteristic of almost every individual in Pakistan to criticise the government, the system, the opposition and many other institutions while nobody wants to take a look at their own actions. Change cannot be brought about if we always keep complaining and nagging, it is high time that every individual realises their role in society and actively strive for the progress of Pakistan rather than passively pointing fingers. Because no matter how small your deed may be it can always bring a positive effect, so do not hesitate to close extra lights or to stop at a traffic signal or to help the underprivileged as every small step counts. As citizens of Pakistan we are also responsible for the progress and development of our country, so stop blaming and start acting. 


Karachi, June 15.