KASUR-Locals and gypsies have occupied lands reserved for graveyards in Kasur city and surroundings while the administration has turned a blind to the grave issue.

The report of a survey conducted by The Nation's correspondent reveals that locals in their respective areas have established small residential buildings at the cemeteries' land to consolidate their occupation. Similarly, gypsies have also grabbed lands allocated for graveyards and built their mud houses. They also tied their cattle there and have turned the cemeteries into cattle-pens. They have also damaged many graves in the cemeteries by levelling the land from several spots.

People, visiting the graves of their beloved frequently, demanded the administration to check the activities of locals and the gypsies. They urged Deputy Commissioner Ammara Khan and DPO Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi to retrieve the land from, what they said, land mafia.

Kasur Garden reopens

Kasur Garden was portraying a look of deserted land after it was reopened for remaining closed almost three months here.

The park was locked in March after its staff went on strike over non-payment of their salaries.

The colourful saplings and giant trees that enhanced the garden's beauty have destroyed. Heaps of garbage are also witnessed at every nook and cranny of the park which has not only distorted the park's beauty but has also given rise to stink at the recreational place. The situation triggered a wave of protests among the park goers who demanded its renovation at the earliest. Talking to The Nation, they said that the administration's negligence has turned the recreational place into a waste dump. They demanded early rehabilitation of the park so that they could enjoy picnic there as they used to do.