WAZIRABAD-In a reply to corruption allegations, MPA Shaukat Manzoor Cheema said that not he, rather MNA Iftikhar Ahmad Cheema and his allies were corrupt.

Talking to the newsmen in his village Manzoorabad, he said that MNA Iftikhar Cheema himself does not fulfill the requirements of Article 62 and 63 of the Constitution of Pakistan as murderers and land grabbers were sitting around him. He said that he was going to file a Rs500 million defamation suit against the MNA and his aides.

Shaukat stated that the MNA and his allies, during a special meeting held in village Katthor, not only accused him of corruption but also assassinated his character which is condemnable.

"The persons who are involved in the campaign of his character assassination and blaming corruption will be sent notices in the defamation suit in a few days. They have to prove corruption charges against me," he said. "I have the right to file a suit against the accusers."

He added that a group of murderers and grabbers is sitting around him and trying to bring him and other internal political rivals under pressure but they will fail.

"I will prove in the court that the MNA's allies take kickbacks from the development projects' funds in advance," he said. He added that character assassination of any one and leveling corruption charges are illegal and unconstitutional. "PML-N is my honour and basis of my politics. I can't even imagine shifting my sympathies and political affiliation from PML-N whether I am nominated as MPA or not," he said.

"The party decision cannot be violated in any circumstances," he added. He further added that those displaying banners and flexes on roads malafide are the part of campaign against PML-N and don't know what they are going to do.

"I conduct development work according to the government policy and got consultation from the local people," he said.

A week ago, the MNA had held a meeting in his village Katthor and accused Shaukat Cheema of corruption and dishonesty. He said that his nomination as MPA was a mistake. Meanwhile, Majeed Salaar, ex-tehsil naib nazim, used very harsh words against the MPA. All the participants stressed to bring PML-N's new candidate from urban Wazirabad and supported the viewpoints of the MNA.

The MNA was accompanied by party leaders Mustansar Ali Gondal, Mir Maajed Ali, Idrees Spaal, Khawaja Jameel, Imran Sanni, Col (r) Waqar Anwar Sheikh, Iftikhar Ahmad. Nasir Allah Wala, Ilyas Chauhan, Aamir Raza Butt and various councillors.