Another oil tanker has over turned in Vehari and people, once again, have started filling drums, bottles, buckets and drums with the fuel, reported Waqt News.

The reporter Yousaf Bhatti told the channel that police or relevant authorities have not reached at the site yet.

“People are even bringing bottles from their homes to fill them with petrol,” the reporter added.

There are dozens of people at the site, he told the channel.

The container has thousands of litre petrol in it.

On June 25th, at least 205 died including women and children after an over turned oil tanker caught fire in Ahmad Pur Sharqia area of Bahawalpur today.

The accident occurred after dosens of people from nearby localities gathered to collect oil from the overturned tanker when it blew up. At least 75 motorbikes and six cars passing by also burnt by blaze.     

The dead bodies and injured were shifted to Victoria and CMH Hospitals of Bahawalpur and emergency has been declared in the hospitals.

The rescue sources have stated that most of the dead were unrecognisable due to extreme fire. 

While talking to media, Punjab government spokesperson admitted that there is lack of medical facilities in those areas. "The government machinery is doing its best for saving lives," he said.