BANNU - National Youth Organisation and Pakhtun Students Federation, the youth and students’ wings, respectively, of Awami National Party (ANP), held a joint protest against PTV management for airing racial content against Pakhtuns.

The protesters called upon the federal government to take stern action against people responsible for the act.

Holding banners and placards inscribed with slogans against the PTV, dozens of youth and students staged the protest outside Bannu Press Club, where they were also addressed by their leaders.

Led by NYO Bannu President Mureed Hayat Advocate, Haroon Ali Shah and others said that it was a prerequisite to stop ways of those who were promoting hatred among the various communities, which they said were necessary for survival of the country.

“We respect and honour all communities, their languages, customs, traditions and cultures and that is why we expect the same from others as well. Unfortunately, certain elements are still there who are working to spoil the existing coherence among different communities in Pakistan” they said.

They warned that Pakhtuns would not tolerate their insult by state institutions including the PTV, which aired a poetry event mocking Pakhtuns during special transmissions on Eid-ul-Fitr.

In this humiliating piece of poetry against Pakhtuns, Jawad Hasan Jawad, a poet, through his verses in the poetry segment of the transmission, had mocked bomb blasts in Pakhtun areas and associated them with illegal trade.

This practice should be stopped for once and all, they said, adding that all this as being held under the auspices of the PTV, a national broadcaster. The government and PTV management should take action against the responsible elements for this criminal negligence, they demanded.

They said that Pakhtuns were not terrorists but were badly affected by terrorism. Instead of showing sympathies with them, Pakhtunns are being humiliated, they deplored.


Our Staff Reporter