JEDDAH: According to Arab News, King Salman on Saturday vowed to punish those who dare to harm Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

In phone calls to the relatives of the policemen who where killed in Qatif this week, the king said Saudi Arabia was firmly determined to face whoever dares to harm the stability and security of the nation and hold them accountable.

On Saturday morning, a security patrol in Qatif came under attack injuring two policemen.

The Interior Ministry’s security spokesman, Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki, said the patrol was hit while passing a building that is under construction in Al-Nasra neighborhood.

The attack was the third this week in the governorate. Two security patrols were hit by explosive projectiles in Al-Musawara neighborhood resulting in the deaths of two policemen and the wounding of eight others in separate incidents.

Al-Musawara, a district of Awamiyah in Qatif, is an area which the Saudi government has slated for development. It contains many abandoned houses which terrorists have previously use for their hideouts.