KARACHI  -  Pakistan People’s Party Karachi Division President Saeed Ghani on Sunday blamed the authorities for adopting biased approach in implementing code of conduct in Karachi especially against PPP.

Addressing a press conference at the PPP Media Cell in Karachi along with Sindh General Secretary Waqar Mehdi and other leaders, Ghani said that the police in Karachi is taking out their banners and flags even from the personal vehicles and residences.

“It seems that certain forces are trying to hinder the PPP campaign in the city,” he said.

He said that targeting Hussain Lawai just before the polls is aimed at hatching a conspiracy against the top PPP leadership and if such acts were not halted then they would be on the roads to protest against it.

He said that the party flags and posters were removed by the authorities while notices are being served for even door to door campaign in the city.

“There is no permission needed to visit any one or any area as per the election rules,” he said.

Speaking on hindering the Bilawal Bhutto’s caravan in Uch Sharif, the PPP leader said that such acts could not hinder the PPP from spreading its message. “This is the evidence as to how popular the PPP message is in Punjab that the opponents are using illegal ways to hinder them,” he said adding that the incidents of Lyari and Uch Sharif have resemblance.

He said that if revengeful activities against PPPP’s election campaign would not be halted then the party activists from Karachi and other parts of the country would be on the roads.

He further said that the authorities are adopting different policies to deal and despite being bank defaulters, Fehmida Mirza and Zulfiqar Mirza were allowed to contest polls.

He said that the alliances formed against the party are not new for them and repeating the history they would once again emerge victorious in the polls.  He demanded of the election commission to treat all parties equally and said that such acts are helping the boycott appeal from the MQM founder Altaf Hussain.

PPP Sindh Secretary General Waqar Mehdi said that in 2010, Taliban hindered their election campaign and today, certain hidden forces were carrying out this activity.

He also called for giving all political parties including MQM-Pakistan permission to run their election campaign and hoist their flags and banners in the city. Meanwhile, the PPP leaders of the Azad Jammu Kashmir on Sunday pleaded the Kashmiris living in Sindh and Balochistan to vote for the PPP candidates and play their role in the victory of party candidates.  In a press conference at PPP media cell, Sardar Yaqoob said that Bhutto raised the Kashmir issue at highest world forums effectively and the party has given four universities campus in the Kashmir.