Amreli Steels collaborates with AMTF

KARACHI (PR): The country’s leading steel manufacturer, Amreli Steels Ltd has collaborated with AMTF (Afzaal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation) in its fight against Thalassemia.

The blood donation drive was held at the Amreli Steels head office, where the company’s employees donated blood for children suffering from Thalassemia. The donation drive was preceded by a screening drive for Amreli Steels employees. This was part of Amreli Steels’ CSR initiative to provide better healthcare to masses.

Shahrezad Samiuddin, Manager Communications and CSR for Amreli Steels, praised the effort and said, “By participating in the blood drive for Thalassemia patients, our team has demonstrated that it is socially responsible, which is reflective of our values at Amreli Steels. Social responsibility cannot be viewed as an isolated initiative. It must be part of a company’s operational fabric. At Amreli Steels we believe in creating economic and societal value together.”

AMTF has been actively fighting the disease in the country since 2003 and patients are treated free of cost at their facility situated in Karachi.

Regarding the collaboration with Amreli Steels, AMTF Executive Director, Ateeq-Ur- Rehman said: “We appreciate Amreli Steels’ efforts in highlighting the burden of Thalassemia in Pakistan and thank the employees for taking part in the blood donation drive for the patients enthusiastically. With increased efforts, we can help the afflicted children deal with the disease and prevent new cases.”

He added, “We, at AMTF, are facilitating blood donation campaigns to raise awareness of blood shortage and importance/impact of donating blood. Transfusion of blood and blood products helps save millions of lives every year. It can help patients suffering from life threatening conditions live longer and with a higher quality of life.”

Alif Ailaan organises multi-party convention

KARACHI (PR): A multi-party convention, organised by Alif Ailaan, was held here the other day to discuss the failing state of education in District South Karachi, and analyse the five-year education plans of contesting candidates of constituencies in the district. Analysis of the educational landscape in South Karachi revealed that availability of schools beyond primary level, quality of education, and poor school infrastructure are the three most important factors contributing to failing education standards in South Karachi.

Around 61% of all the government schools in the district are primary level schools. There are only 67 high and 3 higher secondary schools in the district against 202 primary schools. Therefore, the students graduating out of primary schools do not have enough schools to attend post primary. Lack of schools beyond primary levels explains why there is a drop in the enrolment rates as we move up the higher classes. There is a steep drop in enrolment numbers from 3604 in Class 10 to 509 in Class 11. Out of the 330 government schools in the district, some of them still lack basic facilities in them. 49 schools still do not have a toilet facility, despite repeated attempts and promises by successive governments in Sindh to provide basic facilities to all schools in Sindh.

As a result, learning outcomes of children studying in schools of South Karachi are negatively impacted as demonstrated by assessments conducted by SAT at class 5 and 8 levels. The average math and science score for Class 5 is 24 while for Class 8, it is 19 for math and 22 for science subject. This can be attributed to unavailability of science labs and adequate learning and training instruments in some schools, as well as vacant positions of SSTs and SSSTs. Higher allocation for education budget, timely disbursement and effective utilization of the allocated budget is important to bring a substantial improvement in quality.

UIT launches admission campaign

KARACHI (PR): The Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) has launched its admission campaign for the academic J. Struff 2018 to encourage students to apply. The institute, which is affiliated with NED University of Engineering and Technology, is committed to making education highly affordable through scholarships.

Students can enroll in BS Computer Science and Software Engineering. Admissions are also opened in BE Electrical Engineering, Computer Systems, Electronic, Telecommunication, and Power.

Application forms are available for download at and should be submitted by September 13 deadline.

The institute will administer entrance examination at 10am on September 15 at NED University of Engineering and Technology and announce admission decisions on September 19.

The academic year will start on October 8.

In the last twenty four years, 3,500 students have graduated from the institute so far while around 1,300 are currently enrolled.

The institute is organising Final Year Project exhibition & Job Fair on September 2, 2018. This is an opportunity to experience and appreciate the successful projects developed by the UIT students of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Software Engineering. The event is being organized because job fair helps students to understand modern market demands.