Islamabad - The scarcity of water in the country has further deteriorated as Tarbela Dam has touched the dead level of 1386 feet and the IRSA is likely to impose new cuts on the provincial share within the next couple of days.

“The storage has dropped to 0.977 MAF while the water inflows have decreased to 293,500 cusecs, said IRSA spokesman Khalid Rana said.

He said that the IRSA has increased outflows from Mangla from 25,000 cusecs to 45,000 cusecs to meet the provincial demand.

Punjab and Sindh will again face the shortfall and the provinces were likely to face 30 to 40 percent shortage at rim stations.

Rana said that the total inflows in the rivers on Sunday were 293,500 cusecs while total outflows were also the same.

“A weather system having good rainfall will approach by Tuesday/Wednesday which may again increase inflows in all major rivers,” the IRSA spokesman said.

Last year, during the same time, the total water available in the storage was more than 7 MAF which is only 0.97 MAF, he said.

The total inflows in the rivers are 293,500 cusecs, he said. Punjab is currently getting 114,400 cusecs, Sindh 160,000 cusecs, Balochistan 16,000 cusecs, and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa 3,100 cusecs.

The position of the river inflows and outflows at Tarbela, Mangla and Chashma along with the reservoirs level and the barrages on Sunday was under following.

Inflow in River Indus at Tarbela was 115000 cusecs and outflows 123,700 cusecs, inflows in Kabul at Nowshera were 44500 cusecs and outflows 44,500 cusecs, inflows in Jhelum at Mangla were 40,000 cusecs and outflows 55,000 cusecs, while inflows in Chenab at Marala were 49,000 cusecs and outflows 17,300 cusecs.

Inflow in Jinnah Barrages were 184,300 cusecs and outflows 179,300 cusecs, Chashma inflows 187,900 cusecs and outflows 190,000 cusecs, Taunsa inflows 203,900 cusecs and outflows 182,800 cusecs, Punjab inflows 16,900 cusecs and outflows 3,100 cusecs Guddu inflows 134,900 cusecs and outflows 99,000 cusecs, Sukkur inflows 80,100 cusecs and outflows 35100 and the inflows in Kotri were 38,000 cusecs.

Tarbela has reached to its minimum operating level of 1,386 feet. The maximum conservation level of dam is 1550 feet. Mangla against the minimum operating level of 1,050 feet is presently 1122.65 feet. The maximum conservation level of the dam is 1,242 feet. While Chashma against its minimum operating level of 638.15 feet is presently 644.70 feet while the maximum conservation level of the dam is 649 feet.