­ABBOTTABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Sunday said that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) took turns ruling this country "in the name of the Charter of Democracy".

Addressing a rally in Abbottabad, the cricketer-turned-politician said that Pakistan was more indebted now than before. "Our country is indebted more than ever due to the corrupt practices of the rulers," he added.

Pakistan’s external debt stood at Rs 6,000 billion 10 years ago, he said. Today, the debt amounts to Rs 27,000 billion while prices of petroleum products have increased exponentially, he added. A dollar, today, equals to 125 Pakistani rupees, he said.

Lashing out at the PML-N and PPP, Imran said that the two parties cashed in on the Charter of Democracy. "The charter, infact, meant looting this country. The (two) parties took turns under the guise of democracy," he said.

Responding to Nawaz Sharif’s proclamation he was coming to Pakistan to face jail term, the PTI chief said, "Nelson Mandela went to jail for his people. (Nawaz Sharif) don’t act like you’re another Mandela."

“He has apparently announced that he will return home but I advise him not to try to become Nelson Mandela. He was a great leader who spent 27 years in prison, whereas Nawaz Sharif can’t even think of that,” said Imran.

“Nawaz Sharif was sacked for plundering the wealth of the nation, but he still asks 'mujhe kyun nikala [why did they oust me]'. It was because he plundered Rs 3,000 billion from the nation,” the PTI chief said.

“The 2013 elections were fixed by the PML-N and PPP who were in collusion against the PTI. They took their turns but are still in a silent agreement to counter the PTI,” Imran said.


Earlier addressing 'Strengthening of Pakistan Convention', organised by Chaudhry Rahmat Ali Foundation in Islamabad, Imran Khan vowed for implementing the true spirit of welfare state in the country as was introduced by Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) after coming into power.

He reaffirmed his commitment for bringing out the under privileged and weak segments of the society from poverty trap by providing them special incentives as was offered by the welfare state.

He said that the humanity and justice was the two main principles, which distinct the human society from the animals and said that PTI would pay special focus on social justice and human development, if the public reposed confidence on them and vote on July 25 in general election.

The existing development model was making the developed areas more developed and prosperous, besides pushing the under privileged and less developed areas towards further backwardness and less development, he observed.

The Chairman PTI criticised the development model of outgoing Punjab government and said that it had spent all the resources in already developed areas and neglected the development and uplift of under developed areas of the province.

Imran said that the PML-N govt had spent half of its developmental budget on the development of Lahore City, where as the other areas of the province, particularly Southern Punjab was badly ignored.

Out of the total budget allocation for fiscal year 2017-18, comprising Rs 635 billion, the government had spent Rs 350 billion on the development of Lahore and deprived the other areas of the province from the development expenditures, he said.

If the PTI come into power it would give special emphasis on health, education, clean drinking water, social justice, merit and would allocate special quota for disabled and feeble persons of the society to enable them to spend a respectable life like others, he added.

A special amount form the National Finance Commission Award would be allocated for the development of least developed districts of the country in order to provide equal opportunities of education, health, clean drinking water and transportation for everyone in the country, he pledged.

Imran said that those nations who forget their heroes had no future and could not be able to achieve any progress in the history. He paid glowing tributes to Chaudhry Rahmat Ali and his contribution in Pakistan movement.

He said that PTI would make arrangements to bring the body of Chaudhry Rahmat Ali in Pakistan for burial in the country.