ISLAMABAD - For the first time in the country’s history, a transgender Nadeem Kashish is going to contest, against big political leaders like Imran Khan and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in the upcoming general election with meager resources but with a spirit to win and serve the nation. Nadeem is knocking door to door, asking people for vote.

Nadeem is contesting election from NA-53 constituency of the Federal capital, as an independent candidate with the symbol of “Radio” against the big political figures. Nadeem was hopeful of winning the election.

“If I am elected as an independent candidate, I will serve the masses with utmost dedication and make efforts to solve the issues of residents of Islamabad on priority basis.”

Nadeem said, “I may not have hefty budget to put up banners, flags, conveyance and other traditional campaigning resources but remaining in my limited resources, I can outreach my message through media.” Nadeem urged the general public “to leave party based politics and cast vote for independent candidates like me.”

The winning candidates should not restrict to resolve the issues of a single party, constituency or area but of the entire Pakistan.

“I am sincere with my cause and my intentions are true so I have no fear of failure. I will continue to run door-to door election campaign till the election day,” Nadeem said.

“Despite having fewer resources as compared to the other contesting candidates, I am still confident to win the election through my dedication and sincerity,” Nadeem Kashish added.