OKARA-Different parties’ and independent candidates are flexing their political muscles for general elections amidst proper police and administrative arrangements.

New alliances are shaping up with clans and groups. The candidates have been hectically busy mustering up maximum support of individuals to huge communities, and had been claiming to have gained support of big groups. In NA-141, the election campaigns have started attracting the district population.

The PTI, PML-N and PPP’s two independent groups have stepped in the election arena. The election results might surprise the district population. In the 2008 general elections, the PPP candidate of the constituency Rai Ghulam Murtaza Kharal had obtained 63960 votes to reach success. Though he did not participate in the 2013 general elections, he enjoys enough influence in the constituency. His provincial wings are headed by Rai Faisal Abbas in PP-190 and Rana Abdur Rahman in PP-183. In the same federal constituency the PTI ticketholder Syed Ali Bokhari is in the field. He won the 2008 elections in NA-145 on the PPP ticket and obtained 64607 votes for success, but in 2013 election he remained third on PPP ticket bagging 26577 votes.

After emergence of new constituencies, the NA-141 has only 20 percent area of former constituency NA-145. His provincial wings are headed by Rai Hamad Aslam Khara, son former MNA Rai Aslam Khara in PP-190 and Mehr Javed Iqbal in PP-183 with symbol of bat.

The PML-N has fielded former MNA Ch Nadeem Abbas Rubera in the constituency. He had been Okara Tehsil Nazim in 2003 and was elected MPA on PML-Q ticket in 2008.

In general elections 2013, he was elected on PML-N ticket by bagging 90471 votes. Now his provincial wings are headed by his brother Ghulam Raza Rubera in PP-190 and Javed Allauddin in PP-183 who had been MPA on PML-N ticket from PP-186. The Nemat Family candidate Chaudhry Khalilur Rehman has been running full election campaign for the last one year in the NA-141. Now he had obtained the symbol of Bucket as independent candidate. His family is among the families having a large number of industries in Punjab. His provincial wings are headed by Rai Ali Noor Kharal in PP-190 and Muhammad Arif Lashari in PP-183. The former MPA of PTI Chaudhry Masud Shafqat Rubera is contesting general election as an independent candidate in NA-141. His provincial wings are headed by former MPA Malik Muhammad Akram Bhatti in PP-183. Changing of loyalties continues in the constituency. However, the flow of voters to polling stations would bring real results.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner Rizwan Nazeer and District Police Officer Zeeshan Asghar pledged that all available resources would be utilised to ensure enforcement of Election Code of Conduct for free and fair elections and maintaining law and order in the district.

No one is above the law and those found violating election code of conduct or creating law and order will be dealt with sternly, they said. There were addressing a meeting with candidates of different parties and independents.

The DPO said the violators of code of conduct would be taken to task under instructions of the Punjab govt shedding away all pressures. If after notices and imposition of fines any candidate repeats violation, the Election Commission would be approached for his disqualification in the elections. Every candidate could accompany with him two gunmen who would hold licensed weapons and the district administration would be informed about it. “No candidate would be allowed to lead a rally without advance permission from the district administration. Loudspeaker would not be allowed. However, in corner meeting low sound loudspeakers could be used. The candidates would display the banners, poster, flexes and hoardings beyond the size approved by the Election Commission. Strict ban would be observed on exhibition of weapons and aerial shooting and crackers,” he said.

The DC said in his address that no govt employee, chairman, vice chairman or any public officeholder would be allowed to run or join the election campaign of any candidate. The DC said that 14 monitoring teams had been established in the district to keep an eye on the election affairs. He said that notices had been issued to 10 chairmen of union councils on violation of the prohibition, besides, 14 cases were under process. He said that 170 polling stations had been resolved sensitive where CCTV cameras were fixed and other arrangements being finalised to ensure a neutral, transparent and peaceful commencement of general elections.