London - PML-N Quaid and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, his daughters Maryam Nawaz, Asma Nawaz, sons Hussain Nawaz, Hassan Nawaz and close relative Ishaq Dar spend whole day everyday in Harley Street Hospital’s ordinary waiting lounge in connection with health affairs of Begum Kalsoom Nawaz.

They take reports from doctors after every half an hour about Kalsoom’s health condition. Asma Nawaz prepares tea at home and brings for others at hospital.

Nawaz Sharif, due to his wife’s illness, is eating less nowadays, however, his children’s presence near him gives him some sort of satisfaction. The former prime minister is very much worried about Kalsoom, but he looks determined to go back to Pakistan.

Nawaz is wishing to depart for Pakistan after having some words with his wife Begum Kalsoom on Thursday night. In case it is not possible, even then he is fully prepared to go to Pakistan.

In the waiting lounge of the hospital, Nawaz and his family often inquire after the health of other patients from their relatives. At lunch time, relatives of other patients are also invited. Moreoever, kids of attendants of other patients present in the waiting lounge are offered ice cream. Guards of the hospital too are offered meal and tea by the Sharif family.

Most of Nawaz Sharif’s time is being spent praying with a green rosary in his hand while Maryam Nawaz is usually seen reciting Holy Quran.