The killing of three Kashmiris on the eve of second death anniversary of Burhan Wani, a young militant keen to overthrow Indian occupation of his lands, shows that the killing fields of Kashmir are not satiated with the blood of unarmed and innocents yet. While the people of the valley will respond to the call of Kashmiri leaders for a shutdown on Wednesday, the direct firing of Indian forces at protestors have already made the situation in the valley tense.

Fears are that Indian government will rely on brute force against any gathering to commemorate Wani’s second death anniversary. The new wave of militancy expressing the displeasure of Kashmiri people against India’s illegal occupation of their land cannot be suppressed with the barrels of guns or extreme violations of human rights or search operations. India is doing so for the last seven decades, but it has always failed in curtailing people’s desire to liberate Kashmir. Instead of winning the hearts and minds of the Kashmiri people, India’s policy of exercising might in the valley has further ignited the desire for independence in the people.

It is about time for India to indulge in self-reflection. India needs to ponder upon its behaviour it has been maintaining against any dissenting voice in the valley. Only last month, the UN human rights chief called for an investigation into the abuses of human rights by the Indian forces in the valley. But with the latest indiscriminate killings, it seems that the Indian government has no regard for the concerns shown by the UN body.

One thing that is certain is that India cannot suppress the spirit of Kashmiris to achieve their inalienable right to self-determination. India has lost all moral authority to claim Kashmir an integral part of India. The people cannot be intimidated by a show of force and brutality. Kashmiris have already overthrown their fears. No power can subdue Kashmiris’ courage and resolve to fight their right of gaining independence from Indian occupation.