PR Rawalpindi - A colossal bull race held in Bilawal region of Chakri, Rawalpindi (65 km from Islamabad) was organized by Col (R) Mushtaq Rasul Chaudhry, a statement said.

The event was attended by more than 30,000 rural folks from 17 adjoining villages as well as spectators and dignitaries with men and women alike. The villagers were ecstatic to display the might and speed of their bulls generating tremendous entertainment, excitement and festivity among the farmers and onlookers.

Bull race is especially popular for commemorating conclusion of the harvest season. Upon the request of the villagers, Col Mushtaq Rasul Chaudhry engaged himself in tireless efforts to level undulating fields of the Potohar region, setting up a meticulous ground, unlike anything the villagers had ever seen before. The race was the first formal event in the history of Bilawal.

Col Mushtaq and his team extended great hospitality as per the local tradition and customs. Even fully decorated camels were presented to enthral the audience. The huge ground wore a look of a festival as stalls of sugar cane juice, almond and lemon drinks, lassi, Rooh Afza and a variety of eatables i.e. jalebi, namakparay, pakoras and French fries were set up.

Throughout the race, each team had its own group of dholwalas to encourage their teams. The crowd also cheered vociferously, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

At the end, generous awards were presented by Col Mushtaq, to the jubilant winners of the race amidst thundering cheers from the crowd, starting from umrah ticket and going down to 2 motorcycles, punjali, kharak etc. Videos and pictures of the event continue to awe many people locally and internationally, apprising people about the courageous sport of Pakistani farmers.

Architect Mariam Ghaznavi said, “I feel compelled to appreciate this initiative undertaken by Col (R) Mushtaq, who has proven himself as a proponent of rural folk and runs many charity and welfare programs for the underprivileged across a vast rural belt. His challenging and innovative idea has generated tremendous positivity in the international media and locally”.

 She further said that Col (R) Mushtaq had portrayed the true tradition and ‘virsa’ of our rural farmers to the world. He has set the path for us to attract tourists at our local festivals, she said. Something that must be encouraged and promoted for peace, harmony and intercultural understanding, she concluded.