ISLAMABAD   -   Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) Dr Fahmida Mirza has said that Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing met has assured of his all-out support for the revival of sports in Pakistan.  Dr Fahimda discussed ‘Sports Diplomacy’ with the Chinese Ambassador at IPC office on Monday and sought area of collaboration in repairing, maintenance and capacity building of trainers of Sports Complex. The IPC Minister said: “Promotion of sports and rebuild of Sports Complex is the top priority of the incumbent government. We believe, China can help us to rebuild the complex and in capacity building of our trainers.”  The Minister laid emphasis on completion of the complex before South Asian Games in Nepal. “Pakistan would seek the assistance of China to build the complex in financial aspect as well as capacity building of coaches for table tennis, martial arts and gymnastics.” Dr Fahmida also discussed the idea of holding an international conference on sports diplomacy along with China, Afghanistan, India and Central Asian Countries to form a regional sports committee like International Olympic Committee (IOC) with headquarter in Islamabad. The regional sports committee will be given the mandate to promote international sports as well as common traditional games of the region.  The Minister said: “We need to have tangible achievement on MoUs of three sister cities. We need to specify areas of cooperation for each city. Foreign offices of both countries should chalk out a plan for an upcoming conference, so that, it can reap substantial results.”  Yao Jing assured assistance in the maintenance of the Sports Complex and appreciated the idea of the Regional Sports Committee. The meeting concluded with reiteration for the revival of sports and speedy formation of friendship cities between Pakistan and China.