There is a scarcity of economic reforms in the country. Addition in the petroleum products looks like an atomic bomb of inflation, targetting the comfort of people. Ever since PTI took over, the statements of the government are creating perturbations. The previous finance minister Asad Umer’s planning to settle the issue of tax reforms was full of contradictions. The new Finance minister Hafeez Sheikh is considered an economic doctor. He has been selected to boost our triggering economy and to get rid of the previous debts.

For strengthening the economy, we need proper planning in three phases 1) Short-term plan 2)Mid-term plan 3)Long-term plans. PM Imran Khan has an influencing vision, but his economic advisors, especially Finance Minister, should muster up the courage to implement economic reforms. This year’s budget is not satisfactory at all. Implementation of well-defined fiscal policy and tax reforms should be our priority. There is a famous quote about tax reforms.’’Taxation is the price which civilized communities pay for the opportunity of remaining civilized. (Albert Bushnell Hart)”’