KARACHI     -   Sindh Police department has prepared the “Black Book” comprises the names of hardened criminals including names of the most wanted, notified outlaws, a police spokesman said on Monday.

The police department has prepared black book comprises of the accused involved in very dangers and heinous offences, first time in its history.

The book has details of the notified criminals wanted to police with announcement of head money on their arrest either live or dead. The black book also details of crime record of the accused. The information in black book will prove very beneficial to the police department, spokesman said.

It will help the police to arrest a culprit hiding in another city or the district after committing crime, police said. The police, with the black book, will trace and arrest the accused from another area or district with ease, spokesman said.

The department has added the names of the outlaws in the book with photographs, involved in heinous crimes committed in Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpur Khas, Sukkur and Larkana divisions. The black book have also details of bounty, from one lac to seven lac, announced for the arrest (live or dead) of a criminal. Those hardened criminals having 10 to 15 cases registered with the police against them will be added in the black book.

After Punjab police, Sindh police department has prepared black book to notify hardened and most wanted criminals in the province.