AA TASHKENT - Turkish contractor Ozguven Architecture will build Central Asia’s tallest skyscraper at a height of 215 meters.

The 50-story building named Tashkent City is expected to cost $150 million, said Murad Nazarov, the head of Murad Buildings, the project’s main investor firm, at a news conference in the capital Tashkent.

Nazarov also noted that the Turkish company was chosen among 100 contractor firms from the U.S., the EU and Asian countries.

Ozgur Onur Ozguven, the founder of Ozguven Architecture, stressed 500 people -- including professors, engineers and experts -- are working on the skyscraper project. “The skyscraper will have a unique architecture and rare features,” he underlined. A total of 190 cubic meter concrete and 25,000 tons of iron will be used for the skyscraper, he said.

“We are working for Uzbekistan’s tallest, grandest and the most featured building,” he added. He also said that the building’s requirements, such as moulds, cranes, and concrete equipment would be supplied from Turkey.