Late Burhan Wanni was a true comrade of Che Guevara as he trembled with indignation at every injustice that Indian forces carried out and still do to the ordinary Kashmiris who want “Azadi” from Indian rule. Burhan Wanni, who embraced martyrdom three years ago, is the new face of Kashmiri resistance against Indian oppression. The people of Kashmir responded to the shutdown call of Joint Resistance Leadership to commemorate the third death anniversary of Burhan Wani and his associates.

At the same time, the occupier forces also took their measures against the possible protests in the valley. Imposing curfew across Kashmir and sealing Wani’s house and graveyard where he is buried reveal the nervousness of the Indian government. The Indian government even dread the dead body of Wani. Is it abnormal for Indian security forces to fear Wani’s house and his grave? One can understand Indian fears; all occupiers fear the resurrection of the oppressed.

Speaking of Delhi’s policies towards Kashmir it is true that Congress left no stone unturned to fail Kashmiris; however, with Narendra Modi coming to power, the Indian state has decided to mimic Isreali policies in the valley. Modi wants to establish Hindu settlements in the valley following Israeli pattern in the occupied territories of Palestine. That is why Modi’s government is keen on amending the constitution and wants the repeal of Article 370.

Nevertheless, doing so will drive the valley to the point of no return. Modi wants to attack the Kashmiris on every front. However, he fails to understand that Kashmiris’ desire for exercising the right to self-determination cannot be suppressed with his evil tactics.

The fact that despite all government machinery is trying its best to erase Wani’s memory from people’s consciousness, people are not forgetting. And Kashmiris’ insistence on not forgetting.