While addressing the National Assembly on June 25, Prime Minister Imran Khan said “if there is one government in the world which is not confused, it is Pakistan’s”. I think Mr. Khan is mistaken as the whole nation knows that he has kept a confusing stance for the last four months on the issue of the coronavirus by not outlining a clear strategy for it. Initially, on national television, our Prime Minister called coronavirus a “minor flu” and accordingly advised the whole nation not to worry about this.

Later on, when the cases for the coronavirus increased and the federal government was severely criticized for taking the issue lightly, he again appeared in front of the nation, and advised them to be careful regarding the coronavirus as it is a dangerous disease. Initially, our prime minister closed everything through a complete lockdown but later on introduced a smart lockdown whereby he allowed stores, etc, to open all while advising people to follow SOPs.

Hence, our Prime Minister’s confusing and conflicting statements have confused the whole nation. The federal government must learn from the Sindh government, which has been maintaining a singular stance on the coronavirus: enforcement of a strict lockdown in the whole country for two or three weeks, and opening only those stores offering essential commodities.