ISLAMABAD - Chairman Kashmir Com­mittee Shehryar Khan Afridi on Wednesday said that India’s unilat­eral action of annexing Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir was a bla­tant violation of United Nations charter and it may trigger a new con­flict in the region.

Addressing a seminar on New Domicile Law in the held Kashmir, Shehr­yar Afridi said that In­dia’s unilateral action to annex IOK through mil­itary force had already triggered a new border conflict.

“India’s actions are tan­tamount to jeopardizing the world peace as Chi­na, Pakistan and India, the three countries who have a claim on Kash­mir, are nuclear-capable countries. India can’t get away with Kashmir occu­pation,” he added.

He said the Indian oc­cupation of Kashmir had sent a message of ‘might is right’ to the world and if the United Nations failed to intervene, its fate would not be differ­ent from League of Na­tions which had failed to resolve disputes and conflicts.

Afridi urged the people of Pakistan to take to the roads to lodge their pro­test on India’s illegal oc­cupation of Kashmir. “If the Americans can take to the streets in large num­bers despite the spread of Coronavirus epidemic on the murder of George Floyd, why can’t Pakistan­is lodge their protest? We need to engage our youth on Kashmir issue and build new narratives on Kashmir by exposing the Indian atrocities against helpless Kashmiri people through social media,” he said.

“The illegal act of fascist Indian regime has pushed the region towards a nu­clear war. If the world fails to intervene now, the implications of a nuclear conflict would go beyond region,” he said.

Afridi assured the Kashmiri people that Kashmir Committee would raise Kashmir is­sue at all forums. He said he would reach out to all Kashmiri leaders.