PESHAWAR - Spokesman of the Minerals Develop­ment Department Khy­ber Pakhtunkhwa has said that the department has detected numerous cases of unauthorized mining in the province and lodged FIRs against all those involved in the menace.

The spokesman said during the campaign, the field workers of the de­partment were manhan­dled and even received life threats but despite all the hostilities they worked day and night to eliminate the un-author­ized mining.

The department, he said, acknowledged the ef­forts and dedication of its entire field staff for ren­dering services to boost the revenue and control un-authorized mining across the province.

The spokesman said that senior officers of the Mines and Minerals Department were regu­larly paying visits to the far-flung areas to pro­mote authorized mining by putting to auction all available mining blocks through transparent and open bidding which were otherwise used as big opportunities for un-au­thorized mining.

Moreover the provin­cial government has in­troduced landmark leg­islation in Mineral Sector to encourage investment besides the people of merged tribal districts have been given first right over their minerals deposits.