KARACHI-Sindh Education and Labor Minister Saeed Ghani, has demanded the federal government to address the financial crisis facing private educational institutions due to closure of educational institutions amid coronavirus.

The federal government should ensure the provision of interest free loans to these private schools through the SBP. “We believe that in the current situation, private schools are facing a severe financial crisis due to non-payment of fees by parents and if they are not financially stable in these circumstances, the impact will be felt in these private educational institutions,” he added.

He made the remarks during an inter-provincial education meeting chaired by the federal education minister on Wednesday. During the meeting, Ghani drew the attention of the Federal Minister for Education to the problems faced by private educational institutions in Sindh province and especially the financial crisis in these institutions and said that the federal government should play its role in this regard. “We are well aware that the federal government may not be able to provide good loans or financial assistance to these private schools in this situation. However, the federal government can provide interest-free loans to these private schools through the SBP,” he said.

Saeed Ghani said that in this regard, the SBP may receive two to three percent markup in bank charges and other matters, in this regard, the federal government should pay only this mark so that these private schools can be economically stable.

Saeed Ghani said that due to the current crisis, the owners of many private schools whose schools were in rented buildings could not pay the rent and as a result they were forced to vacate the school buildings and if that happens, the students in these schools were studying would be affected badly.

On this occasion, Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood supported the recommendations put forward by Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani and in this regard he would personally talk to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The Federal Minister for Education said that it is a fact that in the current situation where the federal and provincial governments were facing severe financial crisis, the management of these schools was also facing severe financial crisis due to closure of private schools.

Meanwhile, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Sindh Education and Labor Minister Saeed Ghani regarding English Medium and Comprehensive High School in Sindh. The meeting was attended by Sindh Education Secretary Ahmed Bakhsh Narejo, Project Director Zubair Channa, MD Sindh Education Foundation Qazi Kabir and others.

The meeting discussed in detail the project in Sindh province. On the occasion, the Project Director informed the Provincial Minister that 21 schools had been completed in the first phase of the project, out of which 6 Comprehensive High Schools and 15 English Medium Schools had been completed and the schools would be schools of art in the province. He said that the quality of these schools would be in the high schools of the province while the management of these schools would not be done by the government itself but these schools would be run under the management of third party while their audit would also be done through third party.

On the occasion, Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani said that in order to improve the quality of education in the province and raise the standard of schools, the education department had started work on various schemes with the help of Sindh government.

He directed the Education Secretary to personally inspect all these schools so that educational activities could be started in these schools before the commencement of this year’s session. He also directed the project director to expedite the ongoing work in other phases of the project and to start educational activities from higher education institutions across the province as soon as possible.