ISLAMABAD - An alleged contemnor Agha Iftikhar-ud-Din Mirza Wednesday tendered apology and sought mercy of the Supreme Court for hurling threats to Justice Qazi Faez Isa and maligning the judiciary.

Advocate Sarkar Abbas on behalf of the alleged contemnor filed reply of the show cause notice of contempt of court. She requested the court to accept apology of the alleged contemnor and he may be exonerated from the charge of contemptuous remarks for the Supreme Court and the judges.

It was July 2 when the Supreme Court of Pakistan had issued a show cause notice to alleged contemnor Mirza Iftikhar-ud-Din under Article 204 read with Contempt of Court Ordinance 2003 with the direction to file reply within two weeks.

Sarkar Abbas submitted that Iftikhar-ud-Din is a religious leader Paesh-e-Imam since 1991 in a mosque and Imam Bargah at Morgah, Rawalpindi. He as a routine after Magherib prayer discussed current affairs with his few students. On 14th June 2020 during the discussion some remarks were slipped out of his tongue regarding the judges and prestigious institution of judiciary and for those he has lot of regrets.

The reply added that as soon as he realized his mistake, he approached the Supreme Court on 26-06-2020 to surrender himself and tender apology, but he was not allowed to enter the courtroom although the entry card had been issued to him.

On 29th June 2020 the alleged contemnor himself joined the investigation wherein he was detained and an FIR had been registered against him. As per recording and uploading of video clip on social media, he has given his complete version and details during investigation to the investigation officer.

In the reply the alleged contemnor tendered sincere apology and left himself at the mercy of the Court with the hope that while deciding the case may consider the mitigating circumstances relating to his health and age. He gave undertaking not to repeat any such like act in future.

Iftikhar-ud-Din in a video clip had hurled threat at Justice Qazi Faez Isa, and the judges of the Supreme Court.

Attorney General for Pakistan Khalid Jawed said in the instant case there is admission by the contemnor. He added, “If we see the transcript it reflects that this is not spur of moment statement.” “It is very well crafted and video made professionally as photographs of two journalists, and two prominent politicians – one former President and other of ex-PM – shown in the video,” said the AGP.