Islamabad-Oil and Gas Regularity Authority (OGRA) has imposed fine on the companies involved in LPG bowser accident and also directed the companies to pay compensation to the effected people.

Oil and Gas Regularity Authority (OGRA) has imposed fine on the companies involved in LPG bowser accident at Shahdara Morr, Lahore as well as directed the companies to pay compensation to the people who lost their lives, acquired injuries as well to compensate the loss of property and vehicles during the unfortunate incident, said spokesman Ogra here.

The Authority in its Regulatory Meeting No. 10 of 2020, considered the fact finding report submitted by LPG department and directed three Companies/Licensees namely M/s Rana and Company, M/s Engro Vopk Terminal Ltd (EVTL) and M/s Havelet Gas Ltd., to pay the compensation (on equal basis) to the affected parties under Rule 27(2) of LPG (Production and Distribution) Rules 2001.

The Authority further approved to impose penalty of Rs0.5 Million on each of the above Company/Licensee under Rule 29 of the LPG Rules 2001 upon violation of their license conditions, LPG (Production and Distribution) Rules 2001 (Which is maximum penalty according to Rule 29 of LPG rules 2001).

As per the compensation details directed by Ogra the deceased person will get Rs1,000,000 (One Million). Each, Injured person Rs500,000. Each destroyed Chingchi/Rickshaw Rs.100,000. Each, destroyed Motorbike Rs50,000. Any other damages determined/informed by the provincial authorities.

Provincial Authorities have been contacted by OGRA to provide the details of deceased, injured as well as loss of vehicles and property on which response is awaited.

OGRA is committed to ensure the compliance of safety standards by the licensees, guaranteeing the protection of public life and property, the spokesman said. Meanwhile a source in Ogra told The Nation that the regulator has contacted five times the provincial chief secretary and inspector General police to provide the details about the deceased/injured persons and also the damage to the property caused by the incident. However no response has been provided by the provincial authorities. “I think they are not serious about the matter anymore and now the compensation to the effected people is being delayed because of delay on the part of Punjab government,’ the source added.

It is worth to mention here that eruption of massive fire after LPG tanker overturned at Shahdara Morr near a petrol pump, resulting in a massive gas leakage from its tank. The incident left dead and injured at spot. Reportedly around 200 vehicles burnt by the fire.