As the criticism on Swat deal by the hawks of Washington grew to a feverish pitch, the Zardari government bowed to external pressure yet again and launched a full-scale war against the citizens of Pakistan. It began on 26th of April, when military operation was first launched in Lower Dir followed by announcement of an all-out war by Prime Minister Gilani on May 7. As a result, more than 1. 5million people have been forced to flee homes as they were under the direct line of fire. Fighter jets, gunship helicopters and tanks have been mobilized and horrendous bombarding has left hundreds, may be even thousands, dead. This is the biggest internal displacement of people in Pakistan since the inception of the country more than 60 years ago. Houses, shops, schools, markets have all been razed to ground. Has the government forgotten what happened in the aftermath of Lal Masjid massacre? The last two quarters of the year 2007 proved to be the deadliest we have ever had in our history with an unending spate of bombings all over country. Pakistan was tagged the most dangerous place in the world in January 2008 by The Economist. We must stop bombarding our own innocent citizens and abandon the American war on terror. -MUHAMMAD BILAL QURESHI, via e-mail, May 13.