FORMER President Musharraf's charge that India is fuelling the insurgencies in Swat and Balochistan coincides with the views expressed some top government functionaries and merits serious consideration. Experience has shown that New Delhi does not refrain from fishing in our troubled waters. General Musharraf also maintained that he was aware that RAW was at the back of them and that BLA leader Brahamdagh Bugti was presently in Kabul and receiving arms and money for his network inside Balochistan from RAW, which was acting in collusion with the Afghan government. It is not the first time that a finger has been pointed at India and that leaders with first-hand knowledge have publicly held it accountable for sparking unrest in Pakistan. Some time back, Interior Minister Rehman Malik claimed that New Delhi was backing militants to destabilize Pakistan. But somehow the matter fizzled out as there is no indication that any international pressure is being built on India to desist from its nefarious designs. The leadership should have put the evidence before the world. India has on purpose been crying foul, accusing Pakistan every time some act of terrorism happens there. Suffice it to say, it has left no stone unturned in presenting the country as a terrorist state. Under the circumstances, we should not sit back and let India go on with its ways.