PML-N deserves a lot of kudos for setting a good precedent, by asking their elected MNA to resign because of behaviour unbecoming. Haji Pervaiz's resignation from membership of National Assembly drives home the need that people offering themselves for public office must be seen to respect the law. They just cannot be involved in shady deals or in violation of rules in their own personal matters. The PML-N MNA had to resign after he was found guilty of cheating in examination for an Intermediate degree. While this may look unique in Pakistan, people in civilized democracies expect holders of public office to strictly abide by the law and their private lives are subjected to a more stricter code of ethics than that applicable to ordinary citizens. It is time that other major political parties like PPP, ANP, MQM etc should also follow suit. The PPP in particular, since it is the major coalition partner of the federal government, must scrutinize holders of all public office holders including its MNAs. -JAMIL AHMED, Islamabad, via e-mail, May 7.