PAKISTAN's Water Commissioner has remarked that the Indo-Pakistan dispute about the Kishanganga project cannot be resolved through the Indus Water Commission. He has indeed hit the nail on the head, because for quite some time, talks between the respective water commissions had been going on but without any positive results. New Delhi had turned the commission into a debating club, turning a deaf ear to the concerns of the Pakistani side. Last year, India simply cut off waters flowing into Pakistan and stored them into the controversial Baglihar dam in Indian-held Kashmir. For such disputed issues Islamabad should go to the World Bank for arbitration. It is a great pity that while India has been systematically trying to deprive us of our legitimate share of water, we have remained entangled with one another over the issue of building Kalabagh dam because of purely shortsighted, parochial considerations. The project holds great promise not only in accelerating agricultural development, but also in relieving the crippling power shortage the country faces today. Since its feasibility report has been readied, there has been no point in delaying its construction.