VIENNA: He is more used to splashing his hallmark animal prints over long and languid evening gowns. But in a departure from his day job, Italian designer Roberto Cavalli has lent his aesthetic prowess to the motoring industry in the creation of a one-off MINI Paceman - and naturellement, it’s all for charity.

It was the 13th time a unique MINI has been created in honour of the Life Ball, an event that raises money to help combat AIDS and HIV. But while the other cars have raised a combined 500,000 euros for charity, this Cavalli number has singlehandedly given the coffers an incredible boost after it sold for 150,000 euros at the Life Ball last weekend.

Sir Elton John, Bill Clinton, Kelly Osbourne and Hilary Swank were just a handful of the big names present at the ball, held in Vienna, Austria.

The car was finished with a shimmering, iridescent paintwork that turned from black to brown depending on the angle from which it was viewed. Inside, the upholstery is quilted black leather, the steering wheel is wrapped in more leather, and trim is gold - even the vents for the air conditioning are rendered in glossy metallics.–GN