ISLAMABAD- Pakistan People's Party leader Makhdoom Ameen Fahim has said that if extension is given to Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, it will become a custom.

Talking to Online on Saturday, he said that the government had just taken over and any criticism against the government at this stage would be illogical. “The time will tell how much the government meets the tall claims made before the general elections.” Fahim added that the PPP in the house would keep reminding the government all of its promises made with the masses before the general elections.

Although the PPP had strong reservations regarding the transparency of May 11 general elections, the party accepted everything only for the sake of national interests, he maintained. "It will be unfair to put all the responsibility of the past five years over the shoulders of the PPP government because situation of the region were grave and critical when it assumed the office".

He said that the masses gave a mandate to the PPP for opposition and the party would not only criticise the government but also appreciate its positive steps.