An educational institute is known not only by the Vice Chancellor or its faculty, but also by its administrative staff. Unfortunately, it seems that the administrative staff has promised not to facilitate the students and make their lives miserable. They are very rude as well as have different rules for everyone.The students of Karachi University face a curious case of gate passes. For those of us who come from faraway places in our own vehicles don’t have any parking place in the university which is made impossible by the guards at the gate who forbid us from entering and force us to go back. Because no amount of proof is enough to convince them that we really are students there, and we are not going to cause any trouble whatsoever. In a city riddled with problems I can understand this but there should be provision for students who bring their own transport. The administration is reluctant to issue gate passes. The person in charge of the section is extremely rude and impolite. I would like to request the university administration as well as the influential media to please let the university authorities give us information on what to do and how to handle the situation. We would all be very grateful.SYEDA AREEBA RASHEED, Karachi, June 1.