The unclaimed vehicles worth millions of rupees dumped in the Maal Khana and police stations have been ruined and converted into scrap as no auction for their sale has taken place for the last 15 years.A number of such vehicles including trucks, cars and motorcycles were taken into custody by the Wazirabad police in various cases and dumped in police stations. Most of the vehicles were seized from drug-pushers and cattle lifters. The Maal Khana situated near Sessions Court in Wazirabad comprises only one small-sized room and has no sufficient storage capacity. Similarly, the Maal Khana of District Headquarters Gujranwala is also overloaded so the vehicles dumped in police stations could not be shifted to the DHQ. Such type of vehicles and other property are generally shifted to District Maal-Khana after every six months where this these goods are sold through an auction but no auction has taken place for the last 15 years. Resultantly, a huge number of costly vehicles have converted into scrap.Shopkeepers rally against ‘illegal construction:Scores of shopkeepers of Mehndi Shah Road took out a protest rally against illegal construction and encroachments in the area here the other day.On the occasion, the protesting shopkeepers alleged that some local influential persons had constructed basements attached to the walls of drains, putting the whole infrastructure at risk.They claimed that on raising objection, they started threatening the labourers and other workmen with dire consequences. The protesters also accused the Tehsil Municipal Administration staff of supporting these influential persons. They stated that they were forced to close their businesses and protest.They marched through Circular Road and Lahori Gate and reached the office of Assistant Commissioner Sadia Tehreem where they submitted a complaint, demanding stern action against the encroachers and illegal constructions. They also demanded protection against the threats of some influential traders.Meanwhile, the AC ordered TMO Sardar Shabbir Ahmad to carry out an inquiry into the allegations and submit a report forthwith. She also assured the protesters that action against encroachment and illegal constructions would be taken as per the law. Later, the protestors dispersed peacefully.