I wish to bring through your esteemed daily the general discriminatory and self-serving exploitative policies prevalent in National Bank of Pakistan, and also that they are blatantly defying the policy of Government of Pakistan and its express directives, which are causing unrest and resentment. Despite the Government of Pakistan granting, every year during the period from 2009-2012, increases in pension, of not only its retired employees, but also those under its controlled corporations, statutory and autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies cumulatively amounted to about 55 percent increase. It is with great regret that I have to say that National Bank of Pakistan has failed to grant any increase in the pensions of its employees during all these years, defying government announcements.

However, in response to great resentment, to beat back benefits at the rate announced by government, a novel formula was devised, a generous increase ranging from 3 percent to 8 percent as against total of 55 percent announced by government was announced i.e., from 2013, denying all previous increases officially announced. The interesting part is that, the bank on the contrary, doesn't sit back in promptly granting all increases every year in the pays and perks of its serving employees apart from routine annual increments or increases and has double standards. This anomaly also keeps on widening the gap further between the existing and retired employees’ payouts.

This all shows extreme lack of empathy, insensitivity, self serving exploitative policies, and sufferings of the retired persons and not considering the retired employees and their families as humans who need their pension. The authorities concerned are therefore, respectfully requested to issue necessary directives in eliminating forthwith these gross illegalities, harsh anomalies, discriminatory and self-serving exploitive policies and practices in NBP and provide relief by immediate increases in pensions for the retired people.


Karachi, June 6.