The newly sworn in government will confidently present a business-friendly budget leading to the revival of national economy, hoped the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry president.

Zahid Aslam congratulated Nawaz Sharif for becoming third time prime minister of Pakistan and his cabinet. He was confident that the government would come up to the expectations of the people and steer the economy out of the huge challenges and also provide relief for the people.

He said that all segments of society including businessmen, small and big traders, industrialists and general masses are happy and hopeful that an era of reconstruction of the national economy would start and lead the country to economic prosperity.

He said that the forthcoming budget is the first one being presented by the new government, and hoped that it would be business-friendly and a milestone achievement towards the revival of the economy. All the sectors of the economy and people would get relief, he added.

The president said that proposals from the chambers and other stakeholders of economy have already been routed to the government. He hoped that due care for these proposals would be taken in the final presentation of the forthcoming budget. He said that the long-term solution to energy crisis is generation of cheap electricity through hydel resource with potential of 100,000 MW. He emphasised that construction of large dams including Kalabagh Dam be started to be completed in the following years.

He said that investment to GDP ratio is historically low at 12.5% in 2011-12 compared to India 37% in 2010-11, Bangladesh 25% and China 50%, and hoped that the government would be able to restore and win back the confidence of foreign investors to reduce dependence on foreign loans and assistance for economic development of the country.  FCCI president said that the visionary leadership of Nawaz Sharif would provide a unique opportunity to reconstruct the country’s economy which would help to regain our due place in the comity of nations.