In the era when everyone prefers to write fiction for children and adults, Abdul Hameed Qadri deviates from the accepted trend and writes a book about the life of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He gives a broad outlines of that era when Rasulullah (PBUH) came into this mortal world and provides insight into his life and achievements. Mr Qadri’s attempt of writing “Muhammad (PBUH)” is unique in a way that his target readership is young generation who reads little about Islam and hardly understands the mission of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) in their true perspective.

The book is divided into fourteen chapters which describe brief but in lucid manner the biography of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). It starts from the history of city Makkah and tells how it was once a barren land with no dwelling of human beings; then Allah made it inhabited with the eruption of a spring of pure and sweet drinking water which erupted because of Hazrat Ismail (a.s), who scratching his feet on the ground with the intensity of thirst. The spring which is named Zamzam still exists and people drink water from there. There is a brief introduction of Prophet’s (PBUH) ancestors which all belonged to Prophet Ibrahim (a.s). There is also description of all the famous incidents and happenings of that time like the attack on Ka’aba by the army of Abraha which was destroyed by little birds called ‘Ababeels’. Life and habits of Prophet’s (PBUH) childhood, young age and his trips for trade are mentioned. As the book moves on it describes the incidents of how he (PBUH) started his preach for Islam and the message of Allah’s oneness. During these times he suffered lot of troubles but in every trouble given to him by his ummah he never said any bad words for them rather always prayed to Allah to show them and guide them to the right path. There is also a chapter of all the battles which he fought against non-believers and the final battle in which he conquered Makkah. The Prophet (PBUH) spent last days of life there when he also performed his first and the last Hajj. The concluding chapters are about his personal life and some of his most precious sayings are mentioned.

In short this is a small book but covers a big era of history. It provides all the important information related to the life of our dearest Prophet (PBUH). As mentioned earlier that the book is focused to the young children either living in the country or abroad so it is designed accordingly. It is well-illustrated and has some of beautiful calligraphic images of Quranic Ayats which also creates some curiosity about the calligraphic art of the Muslims for which they were known everywhere in the world. The description of wars and the narration of other important incident of the history are narrated in picturesque manner which do not let the readers to lose their interest. It is also worth mentioning that the book is published on a very refined page and has wonderful hard binding that everyone would wish to have this in his book collection. It is a wonderful attempt to keep our young generation aware about our Islamic history which should continue.

 Title: Muhammad (PBUH) | Author: Abdul Hameed Qadri | Genre: Religion | Pages: 150 | Publisher: Al-Qalam Publisher