The owners of marriage halls, with the connivance of local police, have been flouting the Marriage Ordinance overtly, putting question mark on the efficiency and ability of the administration to get its own orders imposed and implemented. The Marriage Ordinance was promulgated in 2006, banning serving of more than one dish in the marriage halls on wedding and related functions. However, it is ironic that serving of more than one dish in wedding at marriage hall is continued without any fear of the law and blatant disregard for the government orders.  The objective of the ordinance was to protect the rights of the poor segment of society but it seems the authority itself least interested in the implementation of its orders.Local Housewives Association, workers unions and Awami Mahaz have expressed grave concern over serving of more than one dish in weddings. They pointed out that this practice was going on unabated for long time as not a single owner of marriage hall could be booked for the violation of the ordinance over past five years.MEDICENS IN HOSPITALS: DCO Capt (r) Muhammad Zafar Iqbal has vowed to take every possible measure for the provision of medicines in the DHQ Hospital.He stated this during his surprise visit to the DHQ Hospital. He said that it was moral and bounden duty of the doctors to provide better medical treatment and provide medicines to the patients.  He warned of stern action against the doctors for prescribing costly medicines to the patients to be purchased by them from the medical stores. He inspected emergency, children ward, outdoor and other wards and assured the patients that medicines would be provided to them promptly.