Every once in a while some mysterious billboards, condemning immorality and obscenity, come to surface. These generally read 'Don't Use Obscenity to Sell Your Clothes’ and 'Sell Clothes, Not Women', which instantly catching the eye of the passerby and the vehicular traffic. The move by 'unknown religious' group seems to vehemently criticise the use of women’s pictures in advertisements, which seem to portray women as decoration pieces and tarnishes their image as a daughter, a mother and a sister. There are many diverse views in Pakistan, but my personal view is that the commercialisation of women should be stopped and as a student, a concerned youth and a practicing Muslim, I laud the effort of those who have come up with the idea. As we claim to be a Muslim country, we must respect our women rather than displaying them on billboards!


Karachi, June 6.