According to a press report of May 29, the CDA has reported to the Senate its reservations over an IHC recommendation, pertaining to its members being restricted to experts in their respective technical posts, hold relevant educational qualification against the technical posts. In its reply, the CDA has stated that its members’ positions were management level positions that required management and leadership as well as policy planning and development skills. However, the press report does not indicate the ground realities which led to the IHC recommendation, and whether in support of its reservations the CDA has quoted examples of spectacular achievements of the generalists in the CDA and other government departments which could not be achieved by the concerned professionals.

As I know, with my limited management knowledge, management is now a highly specialised skill in each profession. For this purpose, specific sophisticated management courses are organised for different professions such as health care, hotel, banking, commerce, industry, accounting, military, etc. followed by periodic short courses and years of practical experience in the same profession to develop management skill for each management level of the profession. Examples of successful managers without specific professional qualification are rare in history and better be treated as exceptions. Will the CDA be kind enough to enlighten less informed citizens like me on the subject?


Rawalpindi, Jun 2.