ESSEX, UK: Russell Brand’s attempts to break the US have suffered a serious setback after his American TV series was cancelled.

Fox TV (FX) axed Friday night talk show Brand X after the comedian was criticised by viewers for a series of tasteless jokes. During the three seasons Brand had accused Princess Diana of taking cocaine and mocked Prince Harry.

In an interview, he also opened up about his failed marriage to Katy Perry and revealed it was his ego which was to blame for the split.

Brand, 38, admitted that they divorced because he found marriage ‘hard’ and that it was challenging to make her feel important to him. Brand has been desperately trying to break Hollywood since his career in Britain stalled in 2008 over the Jonathan Ross prank phone calls scandal. He quit his BBC radio show and though he did land the title role in a 2011 remake of the Dudley Moore comedy Arthur, there have been few offers since. FX chief executive John Landgraf announced that Brand X would be cancelled even though it had been given a shake-up after the first eight episodes aired.

Instead the network will be working on a ‘scripted live-action comedy’ loosely based on Brand’s life instead because it ‘saw more potential and upside in the audience response’, Landgraf said.–MO