In Bahawal Victoria Hospital, facilities are becoming scarce as the patients have to buy medicines from market while senior doctors have handed over all the responsibilities to the junior doctors, complained the patients and their attendants.

Children Ward of the hospital is in a shambles, water pipes had been broken and bathrooms are filled with garbage. There is also an increase in the death ratio of children. It has become a common practice of the staff deployed in wards to misbehave with the attendants of patients and also to plunder money from them.

A resident of district Vehari, Muhammad Ashraf, said that his nephew was admitted to the hospital five days ago and they have to buy all the medicines from the market and the ward boy whose duty is to provide oxygen for the patients take Rs50 for this purpose, he alleged.

Syed Ghulam, a resident of Uch Sharif, said that his daughter Fatima was admitted to the Nursery Ward where no senior doctor came to visit the patients as only nursing staff was taking care of the patients. Resident of Pull Farooqababd, Sharif Ahmad, said that for his daughter Alisha admitted to the ward, he had to buy glucose drip from the market.

Likewise, resident of Dunyapur Muhammad Aslam said that his daughter Yasmeen was hospitalised three days ago and no doctor had so far visited the ward. Muhammad Nadeem, a resident of Bahawalpur, said that he had spent 15,000 on the treatment of his son and he has to even buy a syringe from the market.

Rescue 1122 official Khaleequr Rehman said that his son is sick and admitted to the hospital but no professor and doctor had so far visited the ward. It has been said that the families of the children who were transferred to the children ward after deliveries, also face problems as doctors sit idle in their rooms while patients suffer in the wards, it was allged.

BLASPHEMY SUSPECT BEATEN UP: A 70-year-old man named Ghulam Haider told the police that he was grazing his animals when he saw a torn poster printed with sacred verses and took that piece and place it on a place. He added that the local people declared him blasphemous and broke his hand.

He said that if the police had not arrived in time, they would have killed him. The police have shifted him to the Bahawal Victoria Hospital. After this incident, Peer Syed Shafiq Shah told the media that Haider had blasphemed the verses.

He alleged that the accused tore the poster with a knife and was trying to put it in a dirty water stream, and the people saw him doing so, got angry and started beating him. The people demanded an action against him. They threatened to hold a protest rally, if the police did not take an action against him.

However, DPO Sohail Zafar Chattha said that he personally investigated the matter and found Peer Syed Shafiq Shah wrong. He said that he arrested him and police told him to give names of the people who beat up the man. He further said that he will also demand compensation money from the peer and other people who beat up Ghulam Haider.